The advantage and disadvantage of internet

In this fast age life of every human who is using mobile, tablet, computer or laptop is meaningless or bore. And we can also say that more than half world connected with internet via many ways like, business, education, traveling and entertainments etc.

The advantage and disadvantage of internet

Internet browsers are an essential part in fully utilizing the Internet to the fullest. There is a big difference though when it comes to popularity as Internet Explorer is still the most used browser in the world with Firefox as a distant second.

The main reason behind the popularity of Internet Explorer is its availability. It comes bundled with every version of Windows and users can simply update to new versions when they become available.

Because Windows is the biggest operating system for personal computers, Internet Explorer already has such a huge advantage. Firefox comes preinstalled with certain Linux distributions but these are used on quite a small percentage of computers.

If you want Firefox on Windows, you need to download an installer; commonly through Internet Explorer. One disadvantage of Internet Explorer is its inability to work with other operating systems. On the other hand, there are versions of Firefox for Windows, Macs, and even different Linux distributions.

There are many reasons why Firefox, and other alternative browsers, flourished; the first is speed. Internet Explorer is simply too slow when it comes to rendering pages. With the correct optimizations, Firefox can load the same pages many times faster.

Advantages and disadvantages of Internet

Another consideration is safety. As the most popular browser, malicious coders are more likely to target weaknesses on Internet Explorer than on any other browser. Even if the popularity of the two are equal, Firefox would still be the safer choice as Microsoft is often slow to respond in patching these security holes.

Firefox is still one of the best alternatives to people who are tired of using Internet Explorer. Although Firefox has gone through some troubles in optimizing speed and performance, these problems are expected to be addressed with the next version of Firefox.

Still, even with such problems, with current releases, Firefox is still much better than Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is the most popular browser while Firefox is only second 2. Internet Explorer is bundled with Windows while Firefox is not 3. Internet Explorer is available only on Windows while Firefox is available for other operating systems 4.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Internet By Team Work Internet Introduction: Data travels to and fro among computer systems and servers.
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Do you often use the Internet? When did you first use the Internet? About how many hours a day do you use the Internet? About how many hours a week do you use the Internet? The internet allows us to stay connected with each other no matter where we are.

On the other hand, it also isolates us and encourages people not to socialize. Invaluable in and out of the classroom.

The advantage and disadvantage of internet

Designed to develop deep mathematical understanding and all the skills students need for their AS/A level studies and beyond. Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of mankind.

As with every single innovation, internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, the greater magnitude of .

The advantage and disadvantage of internet
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