Vikings analysis of the vinland sagas

Vinland is now considered to have been the north cape of the Newfoundland at what is now called L'Anse aux Meadow.

Vikings analysis of the vinland sagas

However this is a very one-sided view, and ignores the full picture. A society where everyone behaved Ilke the men described In the above quote simply would not last, let alone reach the degree of organisation that existed, for example, in Denmark.

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The way Vikings are viewed in countries outside the Scandinavian region is slowly changing, but unfortunately the classic Viking stereotype still reigns. In order to get a fairer and ore balanced view of the Vikings, it is necessary to look at the topic from the point of view of the Vikings themselves as well as from that of outsiders.

This can be found In the sagas. Therefore there has been a tendency to study them from a very narrow point of view, with the primary objective of using them to establish the exact locations of the parts of America reached by the Vikings. This essay will avoid the, by now pointless, typical approach to these two sagas and instead use them to provide an Inside view of Viking society, its values and its ideals.

One of the most striking aspects of Viking Age Scandinavian society, as described in the sagas, is the importance of, and fascination with, exploration.

In one scene described in the Greenland saga, BJarni HerJolfson, reports his sighting of previously unknown lands. Further on in the saga, Thorstein Karlsefni is subject to the same pressure to explore: Another value that society expected of people was bravery.

Several scenes in the sagas describe how individuals are determined to show that they are not afraid to die. You should be able to slaughter them like cattle. If I had Neapons, I am sure I could fght better than any of you.

Indeed it was a common belief that Unipeds lived in Africa. Another superstitious belief was that luck was a personal trait, like bravery or humour.

However, it seems the duty of characters to protect, not Just comrades, but also strangers, from distress. This is especially evident in the Graenlendinga saga Nhen Leif is sailing near Greenland and catches sight of a reef with people on it; Leif ells his crew: But this duty towards strangers did not end there; it was also expected that one would offer them hospitality if they had no place to stay.

Indeed, Thorstein he Black seems almost apologetic in telling his guest: Completely unprovoked, Thorvald kill the men, except for one, who manages to escape. Why this unprovoked murder of natives? However the Skraelings and their actions are often described in Nays that were probably meant to amuse the people listening to the sagas, and laugh and scorn at the supposed stupidity of the Skraelings.

It is also, in several instances, how the Norsemen cunningly exploit, fool or trick the natives. Obviously the Norsemen considered the Skraelings as very inferior to them, and perhaps this was the case for all other races- and hence piracy and raids on other countries would have been seen as Justifiable?

Vikings analysis of the vinland sagas

Another group of people who seem to regard others this time people of the same race as inferior to them were Christian Vikings. As was the case in many countries during the period of conversion to Christianity, paganism was much more tolerant of Christianity than vice-versa.

It seems that Christians were very proud of their religion, to the point of looking down on others of a different faith.

Analysis of the “Vinland sagas” Essay Sample

He obviously Nants his family to have a high class status as he exclaims: For example in the Graenlendinga saga, struck me and handled me very roughly. People were also ever-aware of who their fathers Second names were a constant reminder and forefathers had been; in fact one role of sagas was probably to glorify the ancestors of certain people.

In conclusion, the Vinland sagas are not Just of use to us in trying to establish where exactly Vinland was.

This can be found in the sagas. The sagas "Graenlendinga Saga" and "Eirik's Saga"; are two of the best known Icelandic sagas, since they are the main literary sources for the Vikings in North America/5(5). The sagas “Graenlendinga Saga” and “Eirik’s Saga”; are two of the best known Icelandic sagas, since they are the main literary sources for the Vikings in North America. The Vinland Sagas are four medieval Viking manuscripts that report (among other things) the stories of the Norse colonization of Iceland, Greenland and North America. These stories speak of Thorvald Arvaldson, credited with the Norse discovery of Iceland; Thorvald's son Eirik the Red for Greenland.

From analysing them from a different perspective one can get an Insight into the ideals and values of Scandinavian society in the Viking Age. It was a society where exploration was much admired with fascination, where a man was expected to be brave and sensible and to help others who he found in distress.

Yet at the same time, this was a very superstitious society and a society that looked down on foreigners. Individuals took great pride in the way people regarded them, and also n their family and class; and Christians were obnoxiously proud of their religion.The sagas “Graenlendinga Saga” and “Eirik’s Saga”; are two of the best known Icelandic sagas, since they are the main literary sources for the Vikings in North America.

Vinland is what the medieval Norse Sagas called the decade-long Viking settlement in North America, the first European attempt at establishing a trading base in North America.

The recognition of the archaeological reality of Viking landings in Canada is largely responsible due to the efforts of two. Vinland, the land of wild grapes in North America that was visited and named by Leif Eriksson about the year exact location is not known, but it was probably the area surrounding the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in what is now eastern Canada..

The most detailed information about Viking visits to Vinland is contained in two Norse sagas, Grænlendinga saga (“Saga of the Greenlanders. VIKINGS -Analysis of the “Vinland sagas”. Under: Essays Toa large extent this Image remains, even today, the stereotypical image of Scandinavians during the “Viking Age”.

The Vinland Sagas translated by Keneva Kunz and edited by Gisli Sigurdsson includes two accounts of the Norse voyage to North America; The Saga of the Greenlanders and Eirik the Red’s Saga. Both sagas help to describe the journey to discover North America.

The Vinland Sagas contain two sagas that tell these stories differently, the Grænlendinga Saga and Eirik's Saga. Both sagas discuss all of the events mentioned thus far, but they vary the events and include information the other leaves out.

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